I am looking to buy a daybed for my 1 bedroom apartment that would primarily be used as a couch. The daybed would be occasionally used (~1 month of the year) by guests for sleeping. I want a queen size or bigger bed area, so I automatically looked at the following and made a pros and cons list using information from this subreddit. Any additional information that could help me make a decision would be super helpful!

  1. (Pros: storage, looks neat. Cons: Slats break easily. Price ~ $600 including Husvika mattress & shipping)
  2. (Pros: Solid metal frame, can be taken apart easily. Cons: No storage space.
    Price ~ $ 500 including Husvika mattress & shipping)
  3. (Pros: storage, modern look. Cons: Wooden slats might break. Price ~ $650 including Husvika mattress & shipping)
  4. (Pros: Easy installation, inexpensive. Cons: Unsure about wooden slats holding up, thickness seems to be a cause of concern. Price ~ $450 including Husvika mattress & shipping)

I seem to be leaning towards either the Fyresdal or the Hemnes based on the looks and sturdiness. Share your thoughts please!

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