Ikea orders being auto cancelled [info]

Hey everyone,

I have looked into some issues that I’ve noticed on this sub. Some go from why are orders stuck in a status, to delivery delayed and even customer order automatically cancelled. A few days ago there was someone who had an order auto cancelled and after checking in it, I couldn’t tell why. This is the first time I actually noticed this, and I promised the customer I’d track the issue down.

After taking this issue further I can tell you all that it shouldn’t be occurring very much longer. Unfortunately, the issue is actually affecting multiple countries. It is specifically affecting orders that are click and collect or when being fulfilled by a store. In NA stores fulfilling orders and shipping them is new and still being piloted. If you’re in Asia or Europe you may have noticed this more often as they’ve had it a few months longer.

In any case, a defect is now open and will be fixed within a few days. We have to test the fix with a few sites before rolling out globally.

Backstory ( if you care ): there are two different flows for customer orders. One is you order online and items always ship via a Customer Distribution Center. The other way which is new and being rolled out / piloted, is where a store is able to do click and collect AND also fulfill online orders where they ship directly. This will make delivery times a lot shorter. The problem came up, that the applications created to do the new flow was setup incorrectly, unknowingly. One of the applications always assumed a store should never be under stock. There are a few reasons why this could normally happen given any other year, but it’s limited. The issue right now though is suppliers stopped making ikea products during the first few months of Covid. Now, stores do see under stock so when John Doe and Jane doe both go to the website and order the same article which has 1 in stock, it is technically available until one actually buys the item. Unfortunately, the system is not updating in time to tell the other person there is no more stock. It’s actually 1-2 minutes late. This means the customer is allowed to buy the item and 1-2 minutes later the order is auto cancelled.

This is a mix of not enough stock with a system who thinks there should always be stock, and lastly, the applications not talking often enough.

I can confirm for you that Ive worked with the business and for NA this has only affected a few hundred orders thus far.

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