There’s A Massive Bet On Phil Mickelson To Win The US Open

There’s A Massive Bet On Phil Mickelson To Win The US Open | Sports Takes & News |

Do you remember that article I wrote a few weeks ago talking about when there’s literally dozens among dozens of golfers to potentially bet on to win a tournament? Yeah, it’s super hard to pick that one guy who is going to win a golf tournament over the course of the weekend. It has recently come out that there is a massive massive bet on Phil Mickelson to win the U.S. Open, and I’m not even sure you are ready to even hear what this bet is. So take a little breather and prepare yourself.

Like I said betting on golf to me is one of the hardest things that you can do in sports betting, but someone somewhere out in this crazy world of 2020 someone has put $45,000 on Phil Mickelson to win the U.S. Open. Even crazier is that the odds for him to win are 75 to 1. That type of payout… it’s in the millions. $3.375 million to be exact. I mean someone has some serious “F you” money or it’s some regular joe who saved his entire years salary to try to change his life’s fortunes around. Now I know the latter isn’t real, but I can hope.

So this likely very wealthy person just has $45,000 to throw away. I mean can you imagine losing $45,000?? Lol that’s a years salary for your average lower middle class American. That’s a down payment on a $200,000 house. That’s just crazy. But at the end of the day we all know what’s going to happen. He’ll lose it, and he won’t bat an eye.

Phil Mickelson actually responded to the bet on Twitter the other day saying, “Heard someone place 45k on me to win the open at 75-1 (pays 3.3 mil),” Mickelson wrote, before adding the kicker, “Hoping for both of us I have a 3 shot lead on 18 tee.”

I mean, let’s think for a second. Now this bet is in Phil’s head. He knows about it. So does it add pressure for Phil to win? Honestly the fact that it got his attention is an advantage for the bettor. You know why? Because these athletes need to know there’s money to be won and lost on their actions. If I knew that $45,000 was being bet on my next event, you know that I’m gonna go out there and do everything I can to make sure that person doesn’t lose their money. Because yeah they’re stupid for betting on it, but at the same time these athletes are competitors and they want to win and if they know that they got money riding on them like this. 

So here’s to hoping that this bettor wins the $3.3 million on the U.S. Open, and maybe he will even give some of his winnings to Phil, because he likely has his own . 


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There’s A Massive Bet On Phil Mickelson To Win The US Open |

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