How Do You Ask Sports Interview Questions Like This?

How Do You Ask Sports Interview Questions Like This? | Sports Takes & News |

“How does it feel to be responsible for this?”

Look at his face. He is so pissed that she asked that question, because you know what? He knows she’s right… I mean she’s not wrong, right??? He does blame himself for what happened this series against the Celtics but it’s one thing for you to feel it, and people say “oh it’s not your fault blah blah blah” to make yourself feel good, but then you have this reporter come out and straight up blame you for losing this series. I mean he didn’t play well at all. Here’s Pascal Siakam’s full quote after the game:

“At the end of the day I have to be better. It’s definitely a low moment for me,” Siakam told reporters after Toronto’s in Game 7 on Friday night. “I wasn’t really able to help my teammates … I take a lot of the blame.” 

So yeah. He takes a lot do the blame. And it is just savage to ask it outright back to him. Honestly I love it. There’s no hiding anymore. This is gonna be the one question that leads to more horribly amazing questions as well.

I mean this was a man that won the NBA title last year. Did he have the help of Kawhi Leonard? Of course he did. And yeah it was a breaking out party for a Siakam, but that game 7 proved that at least right now Siakam can’t be the number one guy for the Raptors. He can’t really even be the number 2 guy. The Raptors need a bonafide stud to pair with Kyle Lowry and Siakam is basically a better version of Draymond Green. All in all it does suck that he got called out with a question like that. But he’ll use it as fuel to be better next year. 


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How Do You Ask Sports Interview Questions Like This? |

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