Should The NFL And NBA Stop The Requirements Athletes Need To Turn Pro?

Should The NFL And NBA Stop The Requirements Athletes Need To Fulfill To Turn Pro? |

My argument against this:

Student athletes coming out of high school don’t have the mental or physical maturity to be able to come right in and play either one of these sports. Their bodies aren’t ready to go up against guys who are 5-10 years than them. Also, once they get the large sum of money for playing professionally they don’t have the ability to take care of it. They have difficulty saying no to moochers, not spending it all, or knowing how to invest it wisely. Playing college ball solves all of these problems. The athletes will learn how to create a financial plan to put in place for when they retire. Being in college also gives them a better chance of staying out of trouble, learning how to time manage, and improve their skills in their respective sports. Going to college helps athletes in the long term and gives them a better shot of staying in their sport longer.

My argument for this:

Imagine going to college and getting hurt. Anything can happen in that that you have to be there for the NBA and 3 years for the NFL. Personally I would be so nervous if I was a top prospect and I was forced to go to college for a year or longer. My chances of getting hurt and ruining my chances of going pro are pretty high, and I’m not sure I’m willing to take that chance. Also having to go to class is unnecessary. Complete waste of my time. I’m not there to do school, I’m there to play my sport. There’s no reason I need to be in class when I could be training to get my mind and body right to go pro.

The solution:

Don’t make top high school basketball players go to college. If they only have to do one year that doesn’t make any sense. If they risk going into the draft then they lose their eligibility, but if they do go to school they have to stay the entire time and get a degree. Therefore, they are not wasting a scholarship that could be going to a kid that actually wants to finish school. I think overseas will become more and more of an option for ballers.

Now football players are different because their bodies definitely are not ready to make the jump right out of high school. My solution is to give them the chance to take classes on how to be a pro instead of making them take classes they don’t need. 


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Should The NFL And NBA Stop The Requirements Athletes Need To Fulfill To Turn Pro? |

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