Why Are Sports Still Being Played In Places With Wildfires On The Map?

Why Are Sports Still Being Played In Places With Wildfires On The Map? | Sports Takes & News | TooAthletic.com

Perhaps the West Coast is just use to them, or perhaps 2020 just has us use to dealing with the bizarre, but as I watch baseball teams being asked to play games under the thick haze and falling ash of wildfires on the map, I can’t help but asking WHY? Is the health and safety of players and team employees that unimportant that people need to play baseball or other sports when the air quality is so dangerous, some people need to leave the region in order to breath? What am I missing here?

is a word that many people have used to describe how the skies above many west coast cities have looked in recent days. Yet, teams in many sports, especially baseball, have been asked to play, even while those who could be watching at home are having those homes go up in flames on a daily basis.  With Major League Baseball finalizing plans to hold most of its postseason in neutral sites so they can ensure a big payday from the networks, the regular season seems to be a play at all costs affair, even if one of those costs is the health of safety of players, team personnel, and those who follow the team for a living.

In this season of shortened schedules and playoff bubbles, normalcy has left the world of sports a while ago; as a result, the need to try and play a normally regular season should not be baseball’s first priority.  There are plenty of safer places to hold games without teams on the west coast being forced to play when the air quality is dangerous of even the healthiest of people, and when added to the fact that there is no longer a concern of losing money from a lack of fans at home ballparks, the excuses for why Major League Baseball are not moving games to a better, safer location simply do not exist.

For a union that has already fought hard for its members, I am actually pretty surprised that the Major League Baseball Players’ Association has not come out publicly and demanded that games be moved away from the wildfires in the west.  I am also surprised that players are also not requesting that games be canceled so those who live on the west coast cannot care for their families and do their best to protect their property, or at least try to move everything out of any value.

While things are expected to improve, it feels like “the games must go on” has become such an important mantra this season that some of the human element of athletes being people has been loss this year.  True, they are being tested for the Coronavirus, but are players being asked to deal with more than even they can handle?  Does there become a point where enough is enough and teams that are out of the playoff picture can call it a season and stop playing?  Yes, they are being tested for physical ailments, but is Major League Baseball checking on its players’ mental health too?  Do they really need to play while millions of acres are being burned to the ground? 


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Why Are Sports Still Being Played In Places With Wildfires On The Map? | TooAthletic.com

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