World Athletes Take Up American Social Causes

World Athletes Take Up American Social Causes | Sports Takes & News |

Two international champions of their respective sports carried the flag of American social reform with them this past weekend with the women’s US Open tennis winner Naomi Osaka, and Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton each drawing attention to the Black Lives Matter movement. While each has the platform that an individual sport provided them, the fact that two world athletes, each born an ocean away from the United States, felt it important enough to make a statement on American social reform tells me two things, that both Osaka and Hamilton understand their place in society, and neither are scared to use their platform to make a statement regardless of the financial impact.

The names of those victimized by police brutality in America were on the minds of two of the world’s best athletes. On Saturday, Naomi Osaka used her Coronavirus masks to remind viewers of the seventh person killed by police brutality.  The Japanese-born tennis star with a father from Haiti, used during her two-week US Open run, each having printed the name of a victim of police brutality. The three-time major champion who turns 23-years-old next month was asked what message she was trying to send by wearing her seven different face masks en route to her title. “Well, what was the message that you got?  I feel like the point is to make people start talking,” was her reply.

Lewis Hamilton, the undisputed biggest star on the Formula One circuit took his message one step further on Sunday in a win in the Tuscan Grand Prix.  The 35-year-old British-born champion took to social media and posted a picture of himself wearing a black t-shirt with the words “Arrest The Cops Who Killed Breonna Taylor” written in block pink letters on the front, with “Say Her Name” printed on the back.  Hamilton then went out and posted his sixth victory of the season, and then donned the same shirt while being handed the trophy in front of a worldwide viewing audience.

For all those who insist on saying “All Lives Matter,” I give you these two athletes, a female born to a Japanese mother and Haitian father, and a male born with dark skin in Stevenage, England, each telling you that EVERY LIVE MATTERS and should be treasured, valued and respected.  These athletes who often travel to the United States for their jobs, are telling the fans of their sport and all other sports that the era of “shut up and dribble” is over in both American sports, and athletic competition around the world.  These athletes are not afraid of those people in the stands or on social media who tell them to “stay in their lane” because they have something they want to say, and they are going to say it when, where and how they want to, period!

Bravo to Naomi Osaka and Lewis Hamilton. Let’s hope that every sports athlete and fan embrace what each did this weekend, because like it or not, it will not stop, as more athletes should take up the causes of social justice and reform that 2020 has highlighted again.  There is, however, one simple way to prevent future athletes from doing what disgruntled fans saw this weekend, HELP THEM achieve what they, and every American should be looking for, justice and equality for all. 


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World Athletes Take Up American Social Causes |

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