When Will The Washington Football Team Get An Actual Name?

When Will The Washington Football Team Get An Actual Name? | Sports Takes & News | TooAthletic.com

It took Daniel Snyder way too long to admit that the former nickname of his Washington Football Team was offensive, and he only agreed to change it when it became clear that sponsors were finally willing to distance themselves from the name.  Now, with the team ready begin with a clean slate, Snyder has hinted it’s possible that the temporary name the team is using currently . Which would only prolong the embarrassment that is Snyder’s ownership of an NFL franchise.

When the Black Lives Matter movement jumped up and bit Snyder in the ass, forcing him drop the nickname of the team he purchased two decades ago, the majority owner said that “Washington Football Team” would be a one-year wonder, and a new nickname would be in place next year. This week, during an e-mail interview with the Wall Street Journal, Snyder said, “sure, it’s possible” when asked if the lack of a nickname would be the norm of his franchise going forward.

Daniel Snyder has been under fire in recent weeks after several allegations of misconduct have been hurled at his organization. From sexual misconduct of front office employees to the exploitation of the team’s cheerleading squad, Snyder has proven to continually drive his franchise into one iceberg after another, while also putting a sub-standard product on the field during his time as owner. Perhaps, Snyder is just not opening or closing any doors because he knows his days in Washington as owner are numbered since many of his minority partners have called for him to sell the franchise. Nevertheless, the NFL can not permit any team from doing something as simply and financially lucrative and having a nickname. And yes, don’t think for a second that money is not a major factor in this issue.

There is a huge financial windfall for the current or future owner of the Washington franchise if/when they do decide to select a new nickname for the team. While I would admit that Daniel Snyder is probably not the person who deserves to either pick the nickname, or benefit from it in any way, the fact of the matter is that calling yourself the “Washington Football Team” is lazy and pathetic, which would only add to the sad legacy of the era, and error, of Daniel Snyder, franchise owner.

Someone from the NFL needs to jump in and tell Snyder to either announce he is selling the team, or pick a new nickname. Perhaps the NFL is just too busy investigating Snyder to force him to get his head out of his ass long enough to make a decision, or the lawyers are just too busy mounting a legal defense against all the allegations against him. Either way, every sports franchise needs a nickname for marketing and financial reasons, which is why Daniel Snyder needs to be ousted from Washington, and fans should be left to help choose the new name. 


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When Will The Washington Football Team Get An Actual Name? | TooAthletic.com

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