NFL Players Should Not Be Mad Over The Stoppage Of The Jersey Swap

NFL Players Should Not Be Mad Over The Stoppage Of The Jersey Swap | Sports Takes & News |

Okay someone please do some research for me if you’re reading this. What the hell does the average NFL player do with the jersey that was given to them in a jersey swap after a game? I know I know I know, there are some guys or maybe one that keeps them and hangs them in their house as a souvenir. It might be JJ Watt, but either way the question I asked was what does the AVERAGE player do with the jersey that’s been swapped? I’m telling you right now there’s no way they keep them.

You’re gonna tell me that the average player keeps a jersey of another guy that they just competed against? With his sweat, snot, blood, and whatever the hell else is on the jersey. You heard about what players do when they need to go to the bathroom during a game right? !

You’re gonna tell me that you want a jersey that has possible piss and shit on it? Are you kidding me? And then you’re gonna take it home and hopefully wash it in your washing machine, and then do what with it? Hang it up? There’s nothing dumber than that entire process right there.

Here’s a quote from the NFL on jersey swaps in general, “Home and away teams are prohibited from post-game interactions within 6 feet of one another.” That covers handshakes as well as the relatively new tradition of players signing and exchanging jerseys for their personal collections. 

Handshakes I get. They should totally shake hands, fist bump, or something after a game, but during corona I get that we can’t. But there is absolutely no need to take those jerseys home. I wanna know if any of these guys do it for the “Gram” and then just throw the thing away when they get into the locker room. That’s my hope. But here are some suggestions of things that you can hang that are better than someone else’s jersey:

  1. Literally anything else

What are you collecting jerseys for? Okay I will give them this, maybe just maybe you get the jersey of your long time idol that you looked up to when you were little, and then you got a chance to play a against them. I can understand that like if you’re a huge Adrian Peterson fan or something. But how bout the guys that probably just do it for no reason but just to swap jerseys. Like Odell Beckham Jr. Who in gods name wants that mans jersey? Not me. 


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NFL Players Should Not Be Mad Over The Stoppage Of The Jersey Swap |

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