Tom Brady And The Tampa Bay Bucs Got A Reality Check

Tom Brady And The Tampa Bay Bucs Got A Reality Check | Sports Takes & News |

Woah Tom, you’re telling me things ain’t so easy in Tampa Bay? You’re telling me that just because you’re Tom Brady you think ppl are going to roll over for you anywhere you go? Think again my friend.

Man do I love watching Tom Brady lose. Am I a hater? Of course I am. I’m sorry, but anyone who charges a months worth of groceries for your dumb ass diets worth of 3 meals can go kick rocks in my book. Oh also…didn’t his company apply for Covid relief?? Oh yeah. I remember that. I’m just here to remind you. So if you’re here to pass judgement on me for hating on the “GOAT” then you need to check yourself, please and thank you.

Tom Brady ain’t in New England anymore. Did his first drive start and end with what we normally see from TB12? Yeah and I was like well here we go again. Tom Brady is going against all the odds. He drove down the field like it was nothing, and then Qb sneaked it in at the goal line. And I’m like yeah same old stuff. Yet, then a miracle happened. After that score. Pretty much no daylight at all for him to work any magic. 

Tom Brady tried to lead the Tampa Bay Bucs to score on their next few attempts, but they couldn’t do a damn thing. They punted the ball, got a pass intercepted, got a field goal blocked, another punt, and then ANOTHER Interception. Not only was the last throw intercepted it was taken back to the house for a TD. 

Oh man does that feel good.

And to top it all off on the next kickoff, they fumbled the ball, thus giving New Orleans great field position to capitalize and extend their league. It was just a perfect game for a perfect afternoon after my Eagles got beat by the Washington Football team. Am I going to be salty and jeer for a guy that has no impact on my life whatsoever?

Didn’t I tell you I’m a member at the Salty Spittoon? Bring me all the salt.

Tom Brady wasn’t able to turn back the clock like his counterpart back in New England was able to do. Cam Newton looked damn good on Sunday. Does Cam need more weapons? Sure. Does Brady have them and still wasn’t able to do anything? You bet your ass. Brady isn’t home anymore. This is a whole new game for him. He’s just lucky he plays for a fanbase that barely exists, so even if it does go totally south they won’t even care. 


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Tom Brady And The Tampa Bay Bucs Got A Reality Check |

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