Curren$y Enlists Rick Ross In “Mugello Red” Video

Curren$y Thrives In Lavish Lifestyle In “Mugello Red” Visual

Talk about living above the clouds on a flat with a superior amount of acres with the JetLife imprint flourishing even more in hip hop. Curren$y excels beyond limitations of giving and showing a good life especially in the new “Mugello Red” featuring .

Coming off the latest project “” along side with Harry Fraud, the Jetlife CEO connects with the Maybach Music CEO as these two chill out in the outskirts of Atlanta surrounded by Rolls Royce and an abundant level of wealth.

Watch the visual from Curren$y “Mugello Red” below

Peep lyrics from “Mugello Red” below


Eastside all mine just like every time
Seven Lowriders outside in a line
Couldn’t decide which one to drive
Hopped in that foreign lit a five and closed my eyes
Told the driver drive and wake me up when we arriveWe use Rolls Royce umbrellas
No regard for the weather
Keep me out the rain and in the shade, nigga, I’m good forever
I’m cool wherever
We park in the city
Hop out, you know I’m smokin’ somethin’ better
Got somethin’ pretty with me
That nigga there a veteran
Still with niggas who been steppin’
Three time felons, smokin’, crackin’ jokes
And ready to catch they next one
I tried to tell ’em
Matter fact I never stopped tryin’
Until I put em in the same mind frame that I am
Showed you how that money pile but didn’t show you how

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