King Cruff Wakes The World Up With “Blackberry Groove”

King Cruff has been on the grind for most of 2020. Despite the world going crazy at the moment, he still finds time to be creative. Ready to tackle the end of the year and up with new music, he gets the ball rolling with the single, “Blackberry Groove“.

Produced by Teej, King Cruff gives us the music that will wake the world up. While our mental health is being pressured in one way or the other, Cruff looks to provide the right vibe to develop some positive energy in this time. He shares that a lot of melancholy lyrics are embedded in the song as he has had his share of down moments, but with the help of Teej, he tapped into a zone that uplifted him, and will uplift others when they tune in. With an accompanying video directed by Lighter Juice, King Cruff is in between reality and 3D worlds as he can be found rapping in the neighborhood or on the beach, or find himself being surrounded by Lions and Blackberries. We hope you find “Blackberry Groove” as enjoyable as we have!

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