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Hello Everyone,

right now i build several CentOS images with efi for one of our teams. I did not run into any errors so far. With Ubuntu i got a little Problem with the boot command under grub2/efi while bios working like a charm.

Does anybody know what is wrong with the command below?

"boot_command": [





" initrd=/install/initrd.gz",

" auto-install/enable=true",

" debconf/priority=critical",

" priority=critical",

" locale=de_DE",

" file=/media/preseed_lvm.cfg",

" -- <wait>",



Grub2 responded with unknown command "/install/vmlinuz".

I also tried "linux /install/vmlinuz<wait>", which solved the problem with the error under grub but didnt start the preseeding process what so ever.

Does anybode have a clue whats wrong or what i am missing?

Thanks in advance


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