9 Funny Howie Roseman Memes And Gifs

9 Funny Howie Roseman Memes And Gifs | Sports Takes & News | TooAthletic.com

Howie Roseman Memes And Gifs

Howie Roseman is the current general manager of the Philadelphia Eagles. He has had the position since 2010, and while some may say he has done a good job since the , there are many many people that think he sucks at his job. I am one of the people that thinks he sucks at his job, and believes the Eagles Super Bowl window could have ran longer if Roseman did not suck at drafting, suck at trades, and suck at signing players. It seems others have shown how they feel about Roseman through memes and gifs, so I found the funniest ones to share. Here are 9 of the funniest Howie Roseman memes and gifs.

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