Is Michael Thomas Becoming The Next Antonio Brown?

Is Michael Thomas Becoming The Next Antonio Brown? | Sports Takes & News |

The phrase “Conduct Detrimental to the Club” is never one that a player wants next to his name in any news report or letter from his team.  Yet that’s exactly what happened to Michael Thomas after the wide receiver missed Monday night’s Saints win against the Chargers.  Where this story turns strange begins with the details surrounding why New Orleans felt it necessary to send a formal letter to their standout wide receiver and gets worse with Thomas’ Twitter reaction to it.  What could be most troubling for those down on the Bayou is how similar this story sounds to what happened in the days before Antonio Brown was exiled from the National Football League.

, Michael Thomas received a letter from the New Orleans Saints with the phrase “Fine for Conduct Detrimental to the Club” to explain why the wide receiver was nearly $59,000 lighter in the wallet this week. Officially, however, the team did not suspend their top wide receiver from 2019, using this previously injured ankle as the reason for sitting out of the game on Monday night prior to their bye week.  Leading up to the game it was reported that Thomas was being suspended by the Saints for a physical altercation he had with C.J. Gardner-Johnson at Saturday’s practice.

In so many words on Tuesday, however, Thomas explained on Twitter he didn’t feel this was the case, posting: “I was never healthy I was just trying to help my team get a win and heal up during the bye.  Had a setback was so close. And I take my health serious.  Now I’m a bad guy lol bet.” 

Thomas also added, “You ain’t a snake but they will make you … Think what you want I ain’t trying to clear no rumors up.” 

Thomas might have been replying to comments that New Orleans head coach Sean Payton said after Monday’s win over the Chargers when asked if the suspension of his top wide receiver would continue after the team returns from their bye week.  “That is something that we will discuss and we will let you know when the time is right.”

There are two issues in play here: First, the New Orleans Saints were trying to let everyone know Michael Thomas was suspended Monday by letting it leak out; but then when it came time to make it official, back off.  They did this to avoid a legal battle with Thomas since if he is every suspended for Conduct Detrimental to the Team, his $28 Million on guarantees goes up in smoke since the team can void his contract.  An action like that, according to Florio, would trigger a grievance being filed by Thomas against the Saints.  In short, the Saints are walking on a high wire without a net.  The second issue is Michael Thomas being unable to accept to acknowledge that he did anything wrong since there are reports that one of the reasons why the wide receiver was suspended was a failure to say he was sorry for what he did in punching a fellow teammate at practice.

The New Orleans Saints are making their lives more difficult by letting this process continue; and if you just ask how well that can work out for a team, call up the Raiders and see how many times Jon Gruden covered for Antonio Brown before their wide receiver was cut without AB playing a single snap for the team.  This franchise is going to need to address the behavioral problems their wide receiver has if they want them to get better. Instead they have taken the legally passive-aggressive approach, which history shows in dealing with diva players, normally blows up in a team’s face and ends in an ugly divorce.  

The Saints dropped the ball here, and Michael Thomas pick it up and tried to run with it, but the wide receiver began looking like another one named Antonio Brown, just in a different uniform.  There’s trouble brewing in the Bayou, and if the Saints don’t stop it, we might have another AB situation in NOLA.  Good luck Sean Payton! 


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