Lenovo Yoga Series

Hi, I am looking for a notebook and i have heard so much about lenovo yoga series. I have already used XPS which had quality control issues so returned it back. I need a solid laptop with good specs and preferably a GPU as well for light weight gaming. I have shortlisted to two versions and need some suggestions or reccomendations so please help me out.

1) Lenovo Campus Yoga Slim-7-15IIL05 I7, Quadcore 1TB SSD, Nvidia Gforce MX350 with 2GB

2) Lenovo Campus Yoga Slim-7-15IMH05 I5, Quadcore 512GB SSD, Nvidia Gforce GTX 1650 with 4GB.

What would you reccomend also is there any other series model which you might want to reccomend? My specs are same

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