On Lenovo's website, there's options to add years to the warranty... How long is that an option for?

When I go to pcsupport.lenovo.com, it shows what I have right now for warranty and services. I bought my laptop about a month ago. It shows step one where you can choose to pay for +1 year, +2 years, or +3 years. Do you have that option right up until your first year runs out, or does it eventually stop giving you that option?

This is the screen I'm looking at:.

Secondary to that - I bought this laptop based entirely off price and name recognition; it's what I could afford, and wasn't generic, basically. Admittedly, I don't know much about hardware longevity or Lenovo's reputation for build quality. Is it recommended to buy up the extra years? Barring accidental damage, which isn't covered anyway, can I expect to need the additional warranty?

Finally, my understanding is that I can upgrade the RAM and storage in this (Legion 5) fairly easily. Does opening it up to do so void the warranty?

Thanks for any input.

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