Legion 5 15ARH05H eDP Pin Layout?

So i ordered the Legion 5 15ARH05H on prime day with the awsome Ryzen 7 4800H + Rtx 2060 Config :D

But sadly it comes with a really bad 120hz 45%NTSC 250 nit Display.

So i planned on switching it out. I have found several displays that should be compatible with the eDP 1.4 40 Pin connector which this laptop does indeed have.

The thing is: How many of these pins are actually connected to the mainboard?

For most displays it should be fine but i am currently looking at the AUO B156ZAN05.1 Panel with 4k 120hz for 140 usd which given its high bandwidth needs a full pinned 40 eDP 1.4 connector.

Can anyone that already has the notebook (82B1 Config) tell me how many of the pins are connected? 😇

(Mine is order backlog and will take a month still till arrival - just enough time to order the display from china)

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