Yoga 2 Pro Graphics Driver Mess

Hi! I don't know if this is the right sub for this question, if not I'd appreciate a link to a more appropriate sub...
I have a yoga 2 pro running the i7 4500u. I get black screens once I or windows install the intel graphics drivers. I fought all of last night with windows 10 1903 which was a complete bust so I tried 1511 and I get the same issue. Again same deal with 8.1 9600... I am convinced it is a driver issue since I can boot to safe mode everytime I get the blackscreen and a quick uninstall (including files) fixes the issue. Of course this leaves me with the generic microsoft driver which is bad on my battery and practically unusable for video content... for now I keep windows update off, not letting it install drivers since otherwise everytime I turn on my internet my screen blacks out the second it's done fetching the drivers, also not ideal. Pretty much went through every seemingly compatible driver on intels website, I'm almost out of rabbits to pull and it's getting pretty ridiculous (it originally came with 8.1, why is it now throwing a fit?)
I used to use Arch linux which negated this issue, but I'm starting audio production school soon and I have to have windows to have full compatibility for my production software. For the same reason I don't have the cash to buy a new laptop. Also updated bios, chipset and every other driver from lenovo's site that seemed relevant. Any ideas? Thoughts? Driver links that I somehow didn't come across? Any kind of help would be appreciated.
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