How to diagram and document the development stream?

My client is trying to work towards DevOps, but in the meantime I've noticed that our teams are really inconsistent in their development practices writ large. We're a SAFe-style program, but the previous contractor made a mess of the scaling effort and so we basically have a bunch of teams each doing their own flavor of development and testing. We have an independent test group that handles all of the testing, but whatever SOP they have hasn't been properly briefed and managed to the development teams, so everyone ends up doing their own thing. It's not terrible by any means, but I'd like us to get on a path to more consistent practices, and I think the first step is for us to get together and come up with an agreement about our delivery stream starting from Dev all the way to Prod. Is there a term for this kind of diagram, or any tips on facilitating or drawing it out? We want to capture a step-by-step process document that shows which specific steps (e.g., development, unit testing, functional testing, 508 testing, regression testing, code review, code check-in, build management) take place across which environments and in order. I feel like I've seen this a bunch of times but am not sure what the name of it is or if there are any best practices I can leverage.

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