Startups and investment: how to sell an app idea?

We’ve already talked about how the mobile app market is growing from year to year as the number of users and the time they spend with their smartphones keeps increasing. If in doubt, take a look at the latest statistics. In this regard, many business owners and developers want to implement their ideas in apps, but find it difficult to do that with their own savings. We’ll tell you how to make investors interested in your startup at different stages of product development and where you can look for funding. All you need is an idea. How to fund an app at the idea stage? You have a great app idea and you need money to make it come true. What can you do? It’s just that no one is interested in ideas. An idea should at least be based on market research. Will there be demand? If your idea is promising, you need a clear and well-calculated implementation plan, and a dev team.  People often want to know how to sell an idea to tech giants like Google, Apple, or Facebook. A naive notion is common that these corporations pay for ideas. It’s not true. To do serious business […]

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