Expected More from Ikeas Customer Service

I guess I assumed Ikea would have great customer service. The fact that I had to look for "Work Arounds" to get ahold of someone is crazy, and even then it was no help. I placed a kitchen order on 12/4, and today (1/5) it is still in the Preparing Order status. The original Delivery Date 12/20 came and the delivery company are the ones who contacted me stating they had no product to deliver. I couldn't get ahold of Ikea, tried calling daily only to have their phone system hang up on me.
I used the 4-2-3 button combo to finally talk to someone today...and they said an item on my order was probably back-ordered and that it wouldn't be delivered on my rescheduled delivery date of 1/9. I then sat on hold for 30 minutes after being transferred to reschedule my delivery before hanging up.

A couple of things make no sense. I wasn't able to order everything in my initial order because they were out of stock, I was left checking daily for those items to restock and order them individually....and now those are the only piece I have in hand.

Also, I find it odd that they took my thousands of dollars (it's a kitchen), before shipping, or before picking, or before preparing.

It's just frustrating, I have a new home being built, without a kitchen....that I have no idea when it will be delivered. I think I need to install a temporary sink just to pass inspections.

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