Being a semicon rnd engineer in Europe. What is your experience?

Dear all, I am a senior integration and device engineer and I’ve spent the better part of the last decade working towards becoming an expert in the field of semiconductors. I am currently working in Europe.Even though I have to admit that I have a decently interesting job that allows me a mix between industrial Applications and research, I find myself a little bit lost.

The problem lies in the fact that at this moment I don’t really feel that my current living environment is best for me. nevertheless according to my specialisation and the offer and demand for posts in Europe I also find myself in a situation where there is actually very few positions.To be honest yes I understand that there are several companies all around but my choice of work was basically to try and work in the highest level. As time goes by nevertheless I find myself paying more and more attention in the location factor, and so far I don’t really feel that I fit well in my current place.

But as soon as I start looking for a new job even just by curiosity to be aware of the market, I basically start to realise that in the European continent at least, there is almost 0 offer in terms of positions that are related to integration or device experts. I’m in my early 30s and I have this very strong feeling That I made all the wrong choices for my studies.

In writing these lines I was more hoping to get the input of other professionals in the same field hopefully with a bit more insight into the matter or maybe different perspective. Anyone here working in Europe? What is your experience?

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