2021 NFL Playoff Predictions

We’ve officially made it to the post season! This super strange season is finally over. Although there were many games rescheduled, players and coaches out, there was not one game canceled. All 256 games were played this season. Now we are into the playoffs. The Packers and Chiefs lead the way for each conference. Here are my payoff predictions for this NFL playoff season. AFC WildCard Titans (4) vs Ravens (5) Ravens Steelers (3) vs. Browns (6) Steelers Bills (2) vs. Colts (7) Bills NFC Wild Card WFT (4) vs. Buccaneers (5) Buccaneers Seahawks (3) vs. Rams (6) Seahawks Saints (2) vs. Bears (7) Saints AFC Divisional Round Chiefs (1) vs. Ravens (5) Chiefs Steelers (3) vs. Bills (2) Bills NFC Divisional Round Packers (1) vs. Buccaneers (5) Packers Seahawks (3) vs. Saints (2) Saints AFC Championship Chiefs (1) vs. Bills (2) Chiefs NFC Championship Packers (1) vs. Saints (2) Packers Superbowl Chiefs (1) vs. Packers (1) Chiefs
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