Eden Hazard prolific, yet not so prolific

@BleacherReport put up an interesting tweet on their page which looked at Eden Hazard’s numbers under certain managers.

The numbers themselves made for some interesting reading, but they do tell of a tale that I for one has on many occasions. My position on Hazard has always been that he is a player with incredible ability however he can not carry a team on his own and needs a complimentary piece to help him.

Hazard has always been viewed as one of the great Premier League players when he was part of Chelsea Football Club. This I agree with. It’s the overall feeling that he was better than the rest during his time in the Premier League which I dispute. The numbers do not justify this assertion and I know numbers are not everything, but they are a great equalizer.

In his career at Chelsea, he only managed a ten and ten season just once in the Premier League. He also only created ten or more goals twice in the Premier League and finishing with a next-best nine assists as his next best, while his lowest assist tally was three in 2015/16. These numbers are shocking for a player of his ability and durability, remarkably Hazard’s least games started in the Premier League came in 2015/16 when he started twenty-five games and made six appearances off the bench.

More from the Bleacher Report Tweet:

When you look at the numbers and then remember that this very player was labeled by many as one of the few that occupied that tier in football below Ronaldo and Messi. I mean that tier many of us put the likes of Neymar, Suarez (at his peak), Lewandowski to name a few in. Hazard under Sarri was arguably the best version of Hazard and the closest he ever was to matching the hype.

He was a big beneficiary of Sarri demanding vertical passing and getting the ball back to the front as quickly as possible. This, alongside the freedom of movement he was accorded high up the pitch, allowed him to be more influential and amass such numbers.

There is a difference in the sample size of course but 0.73 goal contributions per game under Sarri is a spectacular statistic. Especially when looked at against, 0.53 under Mourinho and 0.56 under Garcia.

Eden Hazard is an amazing player but the numbers do no justify the hype, he has had a difficult start to life in La Liga as shown above. But one can only hope he recaptures his fitness and form that saw him spoken of as a truly world-class player.

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