La Liga’s top central midfielders so far

Looking at the best ball progressors and active defenders among La Liga CM’s:

– Casemiro and Tapia defensive monsters.

– Campaña the best progressor.

– Guevara is underrated.

No central midfielder in La Liga is more progressive on the ball per 90 minutes than José Campaña yet he’s playing for the 13th ranked team in the league. Remarkable sign of his quality.

I would also pay attention to…

– Malsa who plays for Levante, is one of the bargains of the season.

– Valladolid’s Alcaraz is another top-performing central midfielder despite playing in a bottom half team.

– Real Madrid’s extreme distribution between Casemiro (destroyer) and Kroos/Modric (playmakers).

With the majority of the teams in the league having played seventeen or more games, the competition to be the league’s best central midfielder is still on.


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