Leicester City – Premier League GIANT

5000/1 one of the most famous odd in modern day sporting history.

Few of us will forget Claudio Rianerri’s disciplined charges who had a tailor-made system that saw them spring one sport’s greatest surprises in the last fifty years.

What has followed that remarkable success has been a series of moves that have ensured that even IF Leicester never reach the summit of English football. They will at least be well and truly a household name in the English game.

The Foxes are already a popular brand abroad especially in Asia, where their owners have made a conscious effort to grow the brand. Here in Africa we are witnessing a steady growth of their fanbase with every passing season.

The managerial door became somewhat of a revolving door after the departure of Rianeri, but in Brendan Rodgers the club have found a man who can bring the Leicester City project much needed consistency.

The recruitment has also been world class in past several years and it is now a given that Leicester manage to secure the services of up and coming stars who take a giant leap of sorts in their progress with the Foxes.

The likes of Soyuncu, Tielemans, Fofana, Maddisson to name just a few.

With the completion of the new £100m training facility at Seagrave the Foxes have made a huge step in solidifying what they have been doing well with a facility that will take them to the next level.

Under construction since the year 2019, the Leicester City Football Club Training Ground, Seagrave saw the significant investment meet its deadline despite the global pandemic’s impact.

The facility at Seagrave has:

– twenty-one playing surfaces including fourteen full size football pitches,

– a four hundred and ninety-nine seater stadium for youth teams,

– customized gyms and hydrotherapy,

– a private nine-hole golf course,

– elite sports science facilities,

– Sports Turf Academy,

– a world-class restaurant and accommodation.

Leicester City Football Club are a certified Premier League Giant.

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