Messi under Koeman

One interesting tactical point one may notice under Koeman is Messi when playing right wing, being used to create “double width” on the left flank and half-space.

Double width is when both wingers are occupying the same side (flank and/or half space) of the pitch.


Messi’s gravity attracts opposition players which creates space between the lines and outwide while freeing left back & left wing for easier progression. Advanced right back is the free man on opposite flank (Barça not making use of switches of play to isolate right back in one v one against the opposition left back)


Predictability on where and how the ball will be progressed.

Being heavy on one side means the opposite side can be targeted for counters attacks and increased workload.

Increased pressure on right back to be effective on his own.

Setien also tried this in a couple of matches last season (I think Osasuna was one of those matches) but never really developed the idea and abandoned it quickly as it’s quite a situational tactic, not something to be relied on regularly but Koeman has used it a lot more.

Source: @TacticoModerno

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