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ESA Letter: USserviceanimals.org Review—Is It Really Worth It?


Having a need for an ESA to help deal with symptoms of a condition is hard on anyone’s emotional and mental health. What you don’t need is to encounter a fraudulent website claiming to charge a small fee, just to put your ESA on a ‘registry.’

However, there are more fraudulent websites out there than you could ever imagine, and they are taking advantage of ESA-owners for not having accurate information.

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What is an ESA?

When dealing with a few select mental health conditions, specialists are looking for ways to help their patients cope with their symptoms. Treatment is, of course, the first option, but there are moments where patients fail to benefit from prescription medications.

At such moments, doctors look for alternatives or complementary treatment forms to help their patients live better lives. One of the popular and so far effective options issued by doctors is an emotional support animal.


Emotional Support Animal ESA letter
Emotional Support Animal Benefits


These are special animals that provide emotional support and companionship to their owners. And all you need to do is inform your doctor and get a valid ESA letter from them.

What is an ESA Letter?

Once a doctor recommends having an emotional support animal, it becomes necessary for you to have them around you for as long as possible. That means in your house when going out and even during travels.

However, some residential houses and apartments have strict policies on pets living on the premises. And for air travel, the rules are even harsher. That is where an ESA letter comes to play.

A document issued by a licensed mental health professional proving that you have a genuine reason for carrying around your pet is called an ESA letter.

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What Is the Content of a Legitimate Esa Letter?

Not everyone offering the service is legit. That is why it is crucial you know what to look out for in an ESA. Some of the most crucial details you can pick from a legit ESA letter include:

  • License number, type, and date the license was issued

  • Date of issuing of the ESA letter

  • A signature of the LHMP

  • The official letterhead from the mental health professional

On your part as the client, the letter states:

  • That you have a condition, which requires an emotional support animal as part of your prescription

  • The specific animal and breed you have as an ESA

  • Your name

  • That the LMHP issued the recommendation


ESA letter
Emotional Support Animal Letter Contents


Now, Who Are US Support Animals?

Once you visit a website claiming to offer animal registration services, you can tell a lot from the home page. And luckily, we did so when we visited the US Support Animals website.

As stated before, there are a lot of fake emotional support animal letter services online. And unfortunately, US Support Animals seems to be among them. Why do we say so?

1. They claim the existence of a registry

Let’s make one thing extremely clear, when registering your emotional support animal, there is no official database that keeps track of any ESAs. On the contrary, you only need the recommendation from a licensed mental health professional, most preferably registered in your state.

So, when you visit an emotional support animal letter online service provider, and the first thing you notice is their claim to register your animal in a particular ‘registry,’ then that should be the brightest red flag calling out their fraud.

Unfortunately, US Service Animals claim to place your animal in the official US Service and Support Animal Registry Database, a registry for service animals trained to assist handlers living with disabilities.

2. Lifetime registration

An ESA letter remains valid for only one year from the date an LMHP issued it. However, scrolling through US Service Animal’s website reveals that they offer registration services valid for the animal’s lifetime.

That is a clear indication that they are not truthful in their services. They claim to offer a one-time fee service for a lifetime registration, which contradicts the necessary information provided in your ESA letter, stating that it is valid for one year.

3. Suspicious discounts

Imagine browsing through a catalog, and you find that the product you need is almost 76% off. You wish to pay for it immediately and get it done. However, it’s essential to take a step back and analyze the discount.

The same goes for US Service Animals. They have many services, which include, but are not limited to a consultation with an LMHP, all for $79.98. However, reading through their prices, you notice that they promise a $60 discount on the consultation.

Paying $19.98 for a consultation with a licensed mental health professional-just doesn’t add up.

So, Why Choose EZCare Clinic Instead?

Licensed medical doctors, a physical address that you can visit, and a valid ESA letter that you can use for housing and travel are some of our top marketing points. Also, you get to have a physical consultation with a doctor, either in their office or through telehealth services. Then, and only then, can you receive a recommendation after approval.

Avoid drama and regrets with a legitimate ESA letter!

And if you encounter problems during your registration, say you fail to get approval to have an ESA, then you have the guarantee to receive a 100% refund.

Avoid scam ESA letters and book an appointment with a licensed physician today!


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