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Pennsylvania Healthcare Facility Receives $1.5M Grant

By Eric Althoff

PATTON TOWNSHIP, Pa.—Courtesy of moneys given by Pennsylvania’s Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP), the Centre Volunteers in Medicine (CVIM), located in western Pennsylvania, will be able to renovate its nearly two-decade-old facility.

According to StateCollege.com, the facility has been granted $1.5 million to expand the 10,000-square-foot medical facility, which originally opened in 2003, and provides dental care, “medication assistance” and various other medical services.  While the figure is below the $1.9 million the facility originally requested, matching funds will be used to pay for construction and various other work needed to enhance their operation.

StateCollege.com quoted Cheryl White, CVIM’s executive director, as saying that the expansion has been needed for years as her firm currently rents outside space to service its clientele.  Greater space will allow CVIM to also serve more of western Pennsylvania’s uninsured people, White said.

Even with the expansion, White estimated that another, even larger facility will be needed down the line, but the grant from RACP was definitely a step in the right direction as the facility seeks financial solvency.  On the CVIM’s website, the organization continues to solicit donations for its improvement, and touts that even during the difficulties posed by a limited budget and taxed resources due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the facility hasn’t had to close its doors even temporarily.

Covid-19 testing is currently not available at CVIM, according to their website, but donations will help get staff and patients the necessary PPE to prevent its greater spread.

Centre County, where the CVIM is located, has experienced nearly 9,000 covid-19 infections and 135 deaths.




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