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U.S. ramps up vaccination campaign

Arizona opened an around-the-clock, drive-thru vaccination clinic at State Farm Stadium in suburban Phoenix. The state has the highest COVID-19 diagnosis rate in the country. The clinic is offering shots to people 75 or older, teachers, police, and firefighters.

What are other states doing? Across the United States, governments are repurposing stadiums, major league ballparks, fairgrounds, and convention centers to give COVID-19 shots to as many people as possible as the second stage of the vaccine campaign kicks off. As of Monday morning, healthcare workers had immunized nearly 9 million Americans against the coronavirus. Some states are opening up the line to a wider group of people than just the elderly, healthcare providers, and other frontline and essential workers to assure that none of their available doses go to waste.

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Associated Press/Photo by Kristyna Wentz-Graff
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U.S. ramps up vaccination campaign