Trump Warns Democrats: Impeachment "Witch Hunt" Is "Causing Tremendous Anger"


Update (1015ET): For the first time since the Capitol riots, President Trump spoke briefly to a small pool of reporters at The White House as he left for Texas today slamming the Democrats ongoing impeachment efforts, calling the resolution "a terrible thing that they're doing." 

Impeachment is a "continuation of the greatest witch hunt in the history of politics”. 

“I think it’s causing tremendous anger.” 

Trump added that "we want no violence," and said that his January 6th speech was "totally appropriate." 

 "We have support probably like nobody's ever seen before," The President then went on to discuss the social media blackout and how he had been warning that this would occur "this will be a catastrophic mistake for them... they are dividing and divisive..." 

WNU Editor: The President is repeating the FBI warning from yesterday .... FBI Issues Bulletin Warning Of Armed Protests In ALL 50 States If President Trump Is Forcibly Removed By Democrats Before Inauguration Day (January 10, 2021). 

As of this time AP is the only newswire that is carrying the complete remarks by the President. The other wire services and networks are editing their reports to not say "witch hunt" and "that this push to impeachment is causing great anger".

CNBC is saying the President's comments this morning are inflammatory and incendiary (no they are not  -- see FBI warning) .... Trump warns impeachment for Capitol riot is ‘tremendous danger’ to U.S. (CNBC).

Update: Congress is becoming ungovernable .... Tempers flare as Democrats race to impeach Trump over Capitol rampage (Reuters). 

Update #2: Good analysis on why House Speaker Pelosi wants impeachment. (Hint: To prevent President Trump from running in 2024) .... Did Pelosi Just Reveal the Motive Behind Her Desperate Last-Minute Attacks on Donald Trump? (PJ Media). The Democrats know that President Trump got the largest number of votes in Republican history, and his base is steal completely loyal to him. They want to have the power to veto the next Republican Presidential candidate, which would probably be Trump if he should run in 2024. 

And the Nazi references are pouring in (see tweet below). For a President-elect who says he wants to unify the country. His actions are the exact opposite. What also does not help is Biden's refusal to comment on the purge by tech companies of social media accounts belonging to his opponents. This is just a green light for them to continue.