Twenty-Two Million People Neighboring Beijing Now Under Lockdown Because Of Covid-19 Spread

China has locked down three cities as new cases erupted in Hebei surrounding the capital city Beijing, raising worries about a second wave in a nation that had mostly contained the disease
Residents line up to take nucleic acid test at a community in Shijiazhuang, North China's Hebei Province, on January 7, 2021. Photo: VCG 

Emerging silent infections in several provinces a result of early detection 

About 22 million people in three cities of Hebei Province neighboring the capital Beijing have been placed under COVID-19 lockdown as of Tuesday, twice the size of the population that was put under lockdown during the Wuhan epidemic, as Hebei has vowed to take resolute measures to prevent the epidemic from spreading to the capital. 

The lockdown measures in Hebei cities - Shijiazhuang, Xingtai and Langfang - were not as harsh as Wuhan's as residents in Hebei could go downstairs to pick up their deliveries or purchase food from stores inside their residential communities. 

Vehicles and people in the three cities are not allowed to leave, unless necessary, Hebei authorities said at Tuesday's news briefing. 

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WNU Editor: What I like about the Chinese Covid-19 response are the mass testing that occur when an infection is found, and the tracing of who met who that then follows. The widespread use of N-95 masks and proper medical masks when being in a public place also helps.

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