Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless MagSafe Charger

Whereas most 3-in-1 chargers are crowded, I like how Belkin has spread out the landing spots for each of your devices, allowing you plenty of room and ensuring that you won’t bump something off its charging spot. 

The weighted base keeps the charger from shifting around too much as you pop devices on and off the charger (mostly, there’s still some shifting due to the strong MagSafe magnet). Overall, it’s extremely simple to use and quite reliable. Little touches, like the fact that the power cord is flush with the base, are a testament to the build quality.

Is It Worth It?

One glance at the Boost Charge Pro will tell you if this 3-in-1 is for you. Coming in a matt black or white with chrome accents, it looks more like a desktop sculpture when the charging spots aren’t filled. 

It does its job perfectly and makes me want more MagSafe chargers as soon as possible. There’s simply no substitute for your phone magnetically locking into the proper charging position (other than physically plugging it in). With MagSafe chargers, you don’t risk coming back to a phone that was slightly misplaced and never charged. 

At $150, it’s definitely not cheap. But if you have an iPhone 12, an Apple Watch, and AirPods (or any other earbuds) with a wireless charging case and you need a place to reliably charge them all, this is the best that you can get.