Joe Biden to reverse Trump Travel ban has many Nigerians happy

Joe Biden the 46th president of the united states of America is going to sign up to a dozen executive orders on his first day as US president. Biden team has revealed details of a series of executive orders that the US President Joe Biden would quickly sign hours after he enters office. They also revealed that part of what the president would do is to reverse some of the policies Donald Trump signed as president of the United States.

3 Things Joe Biden is set to do as president

  • First of all, Biden would make sure US joins the Paris Climate agreement again – which is a global pact on cutting carbon emissions.
  • Biden is set to reverse the controversial travel ban on a list of mostly Muslim-majority countries.
  • He would make mandatory to wear masks on federal property and when they travel interstate to cut Covid-19 infections.

Although, Biden like Trump would be able to use executive orders to bypass Congress on some issue, the  $1.9tn (£1.4tn) coronavirus relief plan he announce will need Congress approval. He will also need the lawmakers to approve the path to citizenship for millions of migrants who don’t have documents.

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