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Hello Seekerville! Happy New Year from me to you :) I (Carrie) am beyond delighted to welcome one of my book sisters to the blog today! Rachel Dixon is super talented and organized and she is here to give you some tips on street team management. I love her dearly & love doing life with her. Please give her a great big Seekerville welcome today!

Take it away, my sweet friend -

Do you have a street team? Do you need some ideas on how to spice things up a bit? Maybe you haven’t created one yet and need some direction in how to start one. Whether you have an established influencer group or are new to the club, I am excited to share some of the ins and outs of Street Team mechanics.

First, let me introduce myself. I am Rachel Dixon, homeschool mom, bookstagrammer, avid reader, Partner at JustRead Tours, LLC., and virtual assistant to Roseanna M. White. I have been managing street teams for almost 4 years now and through trial and error...have definitely learned a few things. I’m here today to give you some ideas to help make the process a little easier and a whole lot less stressful.

Curating the Team[/b]

Who your publisher is will determine the size of your street team. Some publishers have an allotment of print books set aside for influencers. But if you are self-published, you can choose to stick to only digital copies and use a few print copies as giveaways exclusive for the team.

is my BEST FRIEND when it comes to street team sign-ups. You can customize the questions to make sure you are getting the best team for you and your book...Plus, it’s free! One of the most critical questions that I include is: “What is your favorite thing about being an influencer? (Or that you are looking forward to)[/i]”. This is an excellent “first impression” question. A question to consider while looking over their answers is this, “Are they only in it for a free book or do they genuinely care about promoting my books?” I also make sure to ask for links to their blogs, reviews of other books by the author. This helps narrow down the search for team members as you can ask yourself, “Do they follow instructions & show at least basic skills in navigating links, their blog & social media?” You want competent team members after all. (butting in from Carrie: otherwise it will just cost you more work in the long run!) Don’t forget to ask for email and mailing addresses too. After you acquire the applications, you can narrow down the applicants to the required number and curate a team that will be customized to your needs.

Managing the Team[/b]

You’ve selected your team...Now what?

There are several options for where and how to manage your team. My favorite (right now) is a hybrid option. We have a private Facebook Group as well as a Newsletter style email list. Doing it this way gives the team a chance to interact with each other, share graphics, links, info...But not everyone is on Facebook, so sending team emails out is also useful. 

Working with the Team[/b]

Ok, have the team all ready to go….WHAT do you have them do? One thing to keep in mind is the difference between INFLUENCING and REVIEWING. As an influencer, your team’s main focus is to generate positive buzz about your book. This may or may not include a review. I try to make sure that team members know that they can still be an active influencer, even if after reading, the story isn’t quite their cup of tea. While one of our main focuses is spreading reviews, there are so many other actions that team members can complete in order to make your book launch a success. Some of these actions include:

       Blog Post (doesn’t HAVE to include a review)

      Email your recommendation to anyone who you think would enjoy my stories

      Talk to your friends and family in person about my books

      Post a picture on Instagram

      Pin the covers to Pinterest

      Vote/Add my books to lists on Goodreads

      Donate or Giveaway your print book when you are finished to someone who you think will enjoy it

      Create your own quote graphic

      Take a picture of your self with the book and share on Social Media

      Request your school library, church library, public library, and/or local bookstore to carry the book

      Add a quote on Goodreads or share it on social media

      Share interviews and giveaways that I post on my author page on Facebook

      Upload a video of yourself talking about my books

      Follow me on Amazon

      Follow me on Bookbub

      Post about the book on Facebook

      Share my posts about the book on Facebook

      Tweet about the book

Having FUN with the Team[/b]


It’s fun to post “getting to know you” questions in the group. From questions about the current book they are reading, to their favorite animal. It is a way to connect with your team members and make the whole experience more personable. Rather than “Here’s my book, hope you like it.”

Hosting exclusive giveaways just for team members, and sharing content such as sneak peeks and cover reveals with the team first is always fun.

Helpful Tips:[/b]

Media kit[/b] - This is so helpful for your team, for reviewers, for bloggers, to have easy access to. A simple media kit includes:

     Author Headshot

     Author bio (you can have different length ones available)

     Author social links

     Recent book cover

     Recent book blurb

     Recent book purchase links

Review submission form[/b] - To keep your team accountable, I HIGHLY recommend having the team fill out a form after the book release. This allows you to have all the reviews in one place for easy reference, as well as keep tabs on who is an active member of the team and who...isn’t.

New Blood[/b] - Even if you have a well established and loyal street team. It is always good to bring in new members. And life changes, sometimes people have to step down for a while. Occasionally checking in with the team to see if they’re still interested and filling positions as they come available is always useful.



Rachel Dixon is a work from home mom who LOVES to read. She enjoys good (clean) books of all kinds and has a soft spot for historical fiction. Rachel has been reviewing books since 2014 and is the sole owner/operator of Bookworm Mama. She is also one of the partners of JustRead Publicity Tours, LLC. Rachel has had the honor of participating as a judge for various awards since 2017. Rachel also works as an Author Assistant and contributes to a group blog. Homeschool Mom, Public School Mom, Assistant Events Coordinator, and Worship Leader are just a few of the “non-bookish” roles she has.  

Thank you, my dear Rachel for this fabulous post! Check out her gorgeous bookstagram feed on Instagram


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