Great Websites for Special Needs

Here’s a great list of . I’ll display it below but click the link for an updated library:

  1. –a long list of great apps including stress, social skills building, and more

  2. –for students with dyslexia or English language learners who struggle with reading and writing.

  3. –beautiful stories in sign language

  4. –apps like Conversation Builder, StoryBuilder, Tense Builder, Rainbow Sentences, designed for kids who need a different approach

So much available to differentiate for every student’s special need. Here are 50 of them:


  1.  Browser



  1. Click-free Browsing – 

  2. CraftyCursor – 

  3. Caret Browsing – 

  4. CrxMouse – 

  5. LipSurf – 

  6. Vimium – 



My #1 Go-go site: Carol Leynse Harpold at 

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