Toddler bed to captain’s bed with plenty of storage

It was time to transition from a to something bigger. Her bedroom is roughly 9×9 so saving space is a must. Our plan was to DIY something similar to a captain’s bed using the KURA reversible bed in loft position and the 8-drawer HEMNES chest.

IKEA items used:

ikea kura and hemnes captain's bed


Captain’s bed assembly

We made some minor but necessary modifications to fit the dresser into the KURA cavity.

The countertop was removed and we shortened the legs about 3 1/2 inches, from the bottom.

It isn’t a perfect fit but really close, only 1/2 of an inch of width is behind the ladder.

There is still the void behind the dresser for a hideout/ storage.

captain's bed ikea hack

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In my case the bed and dresser were already assembled.

I laid the modified dresser on its back and the tipped the bed and dresser simultaneously at an angle to allow the dresser to be uprighted.

Otherwise the bed could be assembled on top of the modified dresser.

~ by Scott

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