IKEA MSP Inventory

Hey community, I'm currently remodeling a master bathroom and will be building a vanity out of Ikea's SEKTION base cabinets. I've recently learned of Ikea's mega-shortage/supply chain issues/etc. I live closest to the Minneapolis Ikea (about 1.5 hours) and through checking the Ikea website, while not clear, seems to indicate they don't have any SEKTION in stock. It seems to be directing me to Oak Creek (4 hrs away) or Schaumburg (5 hrs away).

I'm possibly open to making one of those trips work some weekend but I'd like to know if anyone has any tips on how to check how many pieces they have in stock? OR if someone can vouch for the reliability of the Order Online - Pick up in store feature. Driving for a day to pick up a product and them not having it is not an option.

Thanks all for any advice you might have!

EDIT: I figured out how to check stock on a particular store but if I pay for it online, will they really hold it for me? Or, does anyone have any insight as to when the Minneapolis store might see SEKTION return to shelves?

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