Which NFL Playoff Team Do You Like Most In Winter Weather?

Which NFL Playoff Team Do You Like Most In Winter Weather? | Sports Takes & News | TooAthletic.com

There may be some extra drama leading up the NFC and AFC Championship games this weekend, provided you are able to watch the Weather Channel beforehand. That’s because Mother Nature may be crashing the NFL Playoffs in both Green Bay and Kansas City, bringing with her two friends, rain, and snow. So, which teams do you think can play as well, if not, better in the snow and rain?

The first of the two conference title games will be played in Green Bay where the Packers will be hosting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Sure, Green Bay Aaron Rodgers is used to the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field, but one would think that his counterpart, Tom Brady, knows a thing or two about playing cold, snowy playoff games (Tuck Rule Game?!?!). 

Temps in Green Bay are supposed to be in the 20’s all day with light 5-10 MPH winds, but there is a 50% chance of snow showers during the game. Offensive linemen will tell you that they love when the field is wet and slippery since it slows down all those quick defensive players trying to take a shot on their quarterbacks. Which tells me there may be a lot of running and passing in this game, and if you give Aaron Rodgers an option to hand the ball off as well as to use the play-action pass, this game could get ugly quickly. Advantage Green Bay.

In the later game, Kansas City will host the Buffalo Bills in what is expected to be a warmer, but still wet contest. Currently forecasts are calling for temps to be above freezing during the game with a 40% chance of rain; but with a little extra assistance from the polar vortex, rain can freeze and turn to sleet or snow very quickly, slowing down some of the KC’s fast offensive weapons. Allen, who played college football in Wyoming, should be more familiar with throwing a wet football, something that many quarterbacks are known to have issues with. The bad weather will also allow Josh Allen to potentially call his own number more, and since he’s not dealing with the same that Patrick Mahomes will be dealing with, the Bills may be able to find a way to control the game and pull off the upset. Advantage Buffalo.

While I hope that all four teams are at their peak on Sunday, weather can have a way of changing the flow of a game very quickly by way of turnovers, special teams, and field position. We just saw last week how much the wind affected the Baltimore Ravens’ field goal kicker Justin Tucker; so, don’t think for a moment that everyone won’t be looking up the skies and checking the weather radar before and during the game.  And if you see a mid-game change in play calling, don’t be shocked if that’s because winter weather is on the way and teams will want to score before Mother Nature has her postseason game tickets punched. Because while we may want the best team to win, having a game we will always remember with a crazy play is also fun, even if it changes who is in and out of the Super Bowl LV. 


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Which NFL Playoff Team Do You Like Most In Winter Weather? | TooAthletic.com

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