What Did Gene Reveal About Diddy???

What Did Gene Deal Reveal About Diddy? Listen up. This interview with Diddy’s former body guard was explosive. Hold on to your seat belts. Gene let’s the cat out of the bag What did Gene Deal reveal about Diddy? Of course, this interview with hosts O’God and SamAnt was very informative. Especially, for those of us who knew little about Gene. For example, Gene was with Diddy throughout his time with legendary rapper Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls. Also, Gene was the one who gave rapper 50 Cent a vest cover. In addition, Gene warned Fifty about staying safe. However, during Gene’s interview what he said about Wendy and Diddy was crazy. Who would have thought that Diddy had so much power. In fact, Gene mentioned that when Diddy allegedly put the word out for Wendy to be fired it shocked him. Certainly, most of us heard the rumors about Diddy. But who knew back then Diddy had such power. Not to mention, Diddy allegedly had Wendy Williams fired from the radio. By the way, since then Diddy and Wendy have reconciled, as reported by BET. Be that as it may, I often wondered why Wendy and Diddy had beef. Now I know. Now, we all know the back story. With that said, clearly there are things the public was not privy to. Nevertheless, Gene definitely had the inside scoop. Check out the video above for more details. For more Hip Hop Entertainment News check us out at Hip Hop News Uncensored. It’s the best YouTube channel for Hip Hop.

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