Nikko Tesla – Black Hill Ave II (Album/Audio/iTunes/Spotify)

Queens, New York-based emcee Nikko Tesla recently dropped his new album BLACK HILL AVE II, featuring Notes82, Shea Barz, Scrilla Gambino & more…

Nikko Tesla announces the release of his highly anticipated album ‘’. The 12-track project embodies a variety of moods from throwback vibes, enticing tracks for the ladies, street anthems, and innovative blends for Hip Hop heads to embrace regardless of age.

“ ‘Black Hill Ave II’ is a soulful walk through the inner city, full of raw emotion” – Nikko Tesla.

The album features an elite selection of multifaceted artists including Notes82, Shea Barz, Scrilla Gambino, Stephanie Robinson, Geallo, Fancy Lafare, X-Yle, and Nik Moody.

The production, no two tracks the same, heightens Tesla’s lyrical mystique and journey through Black Hill Ave, which molded Tesla into the man and artist he is today. The kaleidoscopes of instruments, bass, and cadences are soul gripping and sure to wake up the senses.

Nikko Tesla’s intricate wordplay weaves an autobiographical tale, incomparable in deliverance and impression.

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