Okay, how to remove a Hard Disk Password? (ThinkBook Yoga 14s - Intel)

Before we start: I know the password. I added it as an experiment....and now I can't get rid of it.

So I enabled a Hard Disk Password in the BIOS, which now means I need to enter said password every time the system boots. Okay, now I want it removed, but the BIOS provides me with zero options to do so.

I can freely set and remove the Admin/User password, but the BIOS is showing the "Set Hard Disk Passwords" option and clicking it does nothing. It is like it does not realize that the drive has the password enabled. There is no "Clear Hard Disk Password" option, either.

To make things weirder, I have two drives in the system, the 512GB drive it came with and a 500GB WD Black that I added since I had it lying around. The second drive does not have a password enabled, and I can't enable/add one, either.

Is this some weird BIOS bug I am running into? I am on the latest v1.07.

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