Encrypted Registry Account Credentials with Codeship and Github Container Registry

Hi everyone,

apologies of this has been asked before.

I have been going through the documentation for codeship to see if I can pull an image for docker from a private github container registry (GHCR) when I am automating my build process.

The documentation specifies docker registries but nothing for the GHCR.

Has anyone used Codeship to pull docker images from the GHCR?

The documentation specifies that the most common way authenticate with image registries is to provide your account credentials via an encrypted dockercfg file. The example is as follows:


"auths": {

"": {

"auth": "your_auth_string",

"email": "your_email"




(sorry about the indentation)

This file will later be encrypted as per the instructions in the docs which can be found

I was wondering if anyone has used this for GHCR, and if they have my question is whether one can simply replace the URL with the GHCR URL and pass it the email and personal access token used to access the packages or in this case images in the GHCR?

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