Some career advice needed

Hi! I've been unemployed for a while now and I'm looking to get back into the working space.

I have chosen a government funded .NET coding bootcamp that I am planning on following. Now, as I might have expected the government services are not really premium quality service and it's taking forever to hear from these people. I am therefor planning on maybe pursuing a career as a devops engineer.

I have had multiple job offerings for devops engineer positions because of my Linux experience and my home python coding projects, but I am hesitant to go into devops. I am well aware that Devops people have to code as well, but I am only seeing things like ansible and terraform scripts as "coding", with some bash en python on the side. What I was looking for in coding is more like back-end coding (writing program logic, managing databases,..) and maybe some scripting as wel (terraform, ansible). I wonder if going into devops will give me a lot of opportunities to do the back-end stuff as well, instead of only scripts with IaC tools and automation.

I don't know if I'm making sense or if people will understand what I mean, English is my second language and I'm often not very good at explaining myself. XD But I thought I would give it a shot on this SR anyway. Thanks!

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