Outsourcing your devops is bad - example blogs / articles?

I kicked off a discussion internally in my company regarding cross-functional teams and how you can't just "make a devops team" and throw all your builds to them because you're going to end up in the same situation as when you throw your builds at an Ops team. I'm arguing in favor of cross-functional teams and team ownership of code and deployments from git to Live.

I have read a lot articles over the years along the lines of "we made a dedicated devops team and it didn't work", but now i want to show those blogs as examples to my team and i can't find any. The most i've got is the site.

Does anyone have examples of articles elaborating on the above that I can forward to my team for further reading?

Thanks very much.

EDIT: I've posted a summary of my findings below. Thanks all for the help.

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