Review: Flanci skapri (aka the winter skort)

It appears that I have been the inspiration for a new item of running clothing – and I am thrilled! The skapri is basically a winter skort (with longer legs) for runners.

It was while chatting with the British brand, , about how much I love their running skorts that I mentioned I’d really like a winter running skort. A short while later, I was sent their solution: A skapri.

The skapri comprises a capri length leg with a skirt fixed over the top. The details:

  • UK sizes 8 – 18
  • Inside Leg: 50cm
  • Skirt Length: 38cm
  • High waistband with a 15 x 9cm zipped pocket (large enough for a standard iPhone)
  • Thigh pocket on the right leg (for larger phones)
  • Removable internal tie string on waistband
  • 360-degree stretch fabric
  • 75% polyester and 25% spandex – squat-proof and sweat-wicking fabric
  • UPF50+ for ultimate sun protection
  • Flat-lock seams for maximum comfort and to limit chafing
  • Machine washable
  • £49.50
  • See . Use this code FIONA10 for 10% discount (I do not receive any commission. It’s just nice to pass on a discount to runners.)

On test: Flanci skapri

Ever since my first (of about six) Flanci skorts arrived last June, I have only worn Flanci for running. I absolutely love a skort. It is lovely to wear something comfortable and flattering when running.

Many women are not so keen on revealing their bums and thighs in tight-fitting Lycra shorts or tights, or in normal running shorts, so a skort offers a great cover up – and a confidence boost.

A good running skort has the benefits of muscle hugging Lycra but with a flattering skirt over the top.

I am going to come out and say this, too: I feel more girlie in a skort compared to shorts and while I am not one for an overtly girlie look generally, it is nice to wear something feminine for doing sport.

Anyway, I digress. I have basically fallen in love with the Flanci skort. As well as being comfortable, flattering and very well made, the colours and patterns are amazing. There are so many to choose frm that I find it hard to pick my favourite.

See my first .

But then came winter and while I can cope with bare legs in cold weather, there comes a point when I need longer tights to keep my legs warm. I really wanted a winter skort so when the skapri arrived it felt like my running life was complete.

The skapri is similar to the skort but with tights that extend under my knee and down my calf.

I find I need to tie the waistband with the cord because it I don’t do this the extra pull of the longer tights causes the skapri to fall down a bit. This hasn’t been an issue with the skort so it must be the extra leg length pulling downwards when I run.

I confess I would prefer a slightly lower waistband. I am not so keen on a high waistband. My solution is to turn the waistband over an inch and then tie it with the drawstring.

I use the zip back pocket for my car key. The side thigh pocket does fit my large iPhone but I prefer not to have that against my leg when running. I do use this pocket when walking in my skort or skapri.

The fabric is superb. It’s a high quality stretch fabric that is supportive but also feels soft and silky. It is durable and washes really well. Some of my skorts I have washed repeatedly and they still look brilliant and have kept their shape.

I pretty much live in a skort or a skapri – and then put on my PJs for bedtime. Thank you Flanci for creating the skapri for my winter running. It is fantastic.

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