These are all the first-party Samsung Galaxy S21 cases

Samsung has unveiled the with shiny custom colors, lower prices across the board and the latest camera technology. However, after you decide which one you're buying comes another critical choice: Which accessories do you want to complement your new phone? While there are thousands of out there, nothing's ever quite as well-fitted and perfectly color-matched as the cases made by Samsung itself. You also have almost a dozen cases for each version of the S21 to choose from, but we're here to help you pick the best one.

Galaxy S21 Cases

Get a grip

Silicone Cover

Staff pick

Want to add grip without sacrificing the pretty pastel color of your Galaxy S21? Samsung's Silicone Case may seem steep compared to third-party PTU cases, but the fit and the color-matching is much better and the texture is sublime.

Nothing beats leather

Leather Cover

Not only is Samsung's Leather case one of the best first-party cases you can buy but it's also one of the best leather cases for the S21 period. Available in black or the warmer, more traditional brown, this leather case covers up the camera module for extra protection.

Closed and clever

S-View Cover

The S-View folio allows you to see notifications as well as control calls or music without having to open it up. The result is a case that guards your screen while still keeping you productive. It's available in pink, violet, gray, and black.

This is overkill

LED Wallet Cover

The LED Wallet has been around for years and years, but I'm not entirely sure why. You can tap it to answer calls without opening the screen and set a variety of clocks or shapes, but the S-View looks better. This one doubles as a minimal wallet, though.

Retro look

LED Back Cover

This back cover is similar to the LED Wallet, but instead of the LED array being on a folio, it's on the back of the case. You can still see the time and if you have a call or notification waiting. You choose from a variety of LED designs, as well.

Sturdy but basic

Rugged Protective Cover

I'm a fan of a good heavy-duty case, especially when it comes with a built-in kickstand. Problem is, the Rugged Protective Cover's kickstand is as stable as those on third-party cases, and many have lower prices while having high drop-protection ratings.

Kick it up a notch

Clear Standing Cover

Samsung has beefed up its clear case offerings with the S21, including breaking into the clear kickstand market with the Clear Standing Cover. The "free stop" hinge allows you to prop up your S21 at a variety of angles, but I wouldn't trust its stability in portrait mode.

Show it off safely

Clear Protective Cover

This ruggedly handsome case seems more ideal than the Rugged Protective Cover. You still get that super-grippy side bumper and drop-protection, but you can still show off the color of your S21, and you get a loop to hook in a lanyard, wrist strap, or phone charm.

Basic protection

Clear Cover

Want to show off the contours and colors of your shiny new Galaxy S21 while giving it scratch and scuff protection? The Clear Cover does just that. However, you can get a really good third-party clear case for half the price while getting better drop protection.

Best options for the baby Galaxy S21

The Galaxy S21 doesn't have as many case options as the S21+ or the Ultra, but we still have some standouts, starting the the and . Both of these are slim and perfectly fitted to the S21's every curve while giving you a better grip on your new phone. In particular, the color matching on the Silicone Cover is absolutely sublime. If you prefer your cases more durable, I suggest the , which gives you that super-textured bumper while still showing off your S21's color.

Galaxy S21+ Cases

Sustainable and sublime

Kvadrat Cover

Staff pick

The Kvadrat cover is back in violet and gray, but is only available for the S21+. Made of recycled bottles and 100% sustainable, the Kvadrat case isn't for everyone but I am absolutely in love with the two-tone coloring that comes out when you see the case up-close.

Color me impressed

Silicone Cover

Samsung's Silicone Cover allows those of us who love the Phantom Violet but don't love Rose Gold to hide that flashy camera module under color-matched silicone. If you wanted a Phantom Pink S21+, the Pink Silicon Cover is as close as you'll get.

Premium fit and feel

Leather Cover

Leather cases are few and far between, but thankfully Samsung makes a terrific Leather Cover for the S21+ that covers the camera module for extra protection and looks exquisite from every angle. You can also get it in black to match your Phantom Black S21+.

Take a peek

S-View Cover

If you actually use S-View, the S-View Cover folio case is still kicking around to let you control music, answer calls, and check notifications without opening the case up. You get four colors here, including pink for those who are missing a Phantom Pink S21+.

Keep it together

LED Wallet Cover

This folio case integrates an LED matrix across the front to show the time, basic patterns, and it lets you answer calls without opening your case up. It's not as fancy as the S-View, but it does have a card slot on the underside to keep some money on hand.

Go retro

LED Back Cover

This back cover comes in violet or white with a wider LED matrix so that you can show off emojis or designs in addition to seeing the clock or an incoming call. I'm not entirely sure why you'd want this when you could just keep your phone face up, but to each their own.

Go heavy duty

Rugged Protective Cover

Samsung's heavy-duty case is actually one of the more reasonably priced options considering a really rugged heavy-duty case can run you $60 or more. That said, this case has looked the exact same for over half a decade and desperately needs a refresh.

Props to Samsung

Clear Standing Cover

Clear cases with kickstands have gotten more popular in recent years, especially now that video calling is more important than ever. Unfortunately, the kickstand on the Clear Standing Cover isn't very stable in portrait mode, so be warned. It works perfectly in landscape, though.

Best rugged case

Clear Protective Cover

This case adds a nice grippy texture to the sides like the Rugged Protective Cover, but instead of seeing only basic black or muted gray, you see the color of your S21+ shining through instead. If you got a Phantom Red S21+, this case it the one to get!

Cover your bases

Clear Cover

If you have Samsung credit to use up on accessories and don't see the point in overpaying for a case, the Clear Cover is a good way to use up that credit, but otherwise, the Clear Protective Cover's a better clear case and the Silicone Cover looks better.

The best cases to show off your Galaxy S21+

Given that the Galaxy S21+ got the most interesting of the custom colors, the two first-party cases I recommend for the S21+ are the , for its rugged bumper and lanyard loop, and the . The Clear Protective cover is grippy and sturdy, but rather than hiding your S21+'s color away like the Rugged Protective Cover, the Clear Protective Cover lets you flaunt it openly.

Meanwhile, the Kvadrat Case is a beautiful and compellingly designed case that also speaks to an increasingly important initiative for Samsung in 2021: sustainability. The Kvadrat Case is made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles, but beyond that, it has a distinct look, wonderfully tactile feel in the hand, and it comes in a two-tone violet that will look equally radiant with the Phantom Violet or Phantom Silver. The addition of a lanyard loop here is new and interesting, and while I won't be snapping on a hand strap anytime soon, I might grab myself a phone charm to stick on there instead.

Galaxy S21 Ultra Cases

Two accessories in one

S-View Cover with S Pen

Staff pick

This S-View Folio is likely the best way to buy the S Pen, as this case comes with the S Pen and gives you a place to securely tuck it away when you're not using it. Also, because of the way folios are, the case won't feel quite as lopsided by that S Pen slot.

Slot it in

Silicone Cover with S Pen

I'm all for an S Pen case that doesn't add extra bulk outside where it's absolutely necessary. The Silicone Cover with S Pen will feel slightly lopsided in your hand, but if you intend to use your S21 Ultra like a Note, this will emulate the experience the closest.

Colorful case

Silicone Cover

I wish that the Silicone Cover with S Pen came in all the fun colors that the regular Silicone Cover does, but at least the normal Silicone Cover has violet and pink for those of us who couldn't wait for custom colored S21 Ultras.

Lap of luxury

Leather Cover

It should come as no surprise that Samsung knocked its leather covers out of the park again this year, but I'm espeically in love with the detailing on the Ultra version of this case since you get that braided texture over the camera module. It looks so beautiful!

See your notifications

S-View Cover

Peek at your media controls, your notifications, and manage a call without having to stand there with your folio wide open. You've only got two colors here as opposed to the four colors the S21 and S21+ get, but gray and black look nice and refined.

Old school

LED Wallet Cover

This is the only wallet case Samsung offers for the S21 Ultra, and the LED matrix across the front of the folio looks kind of cool in a retro way, but there's only one card slot and the LED cover can't show as much as the S-View Folio. Get that instead.

Protect your investment

Rugged Protective Cover

I'm normally all for a rugged case for a phone this large, but there's two reasons I recommend skipping Samsung's and going third-party. First, this case series needs a refresh because it's gotten stale, and second, third-party cases are more durable for half the price.

Good for videos

Clear Standing Cover

This kickstand case technically could work in portrait mode, but given how large and heavy the S21 Ultra is, even compared to the S21 and S21+, I would only trust the kickstand on this clear case in landscape mode. You don't want it to fall and shatter.

The clear winner

Clear Protective Cover

Show off your custom colored Galaxy S21 Ultra with this durable and delectably clear case from Samsung. You get a nicely textured bumper with impact resistance and there's a lanyard loop for attaching a hand strap if you're super-clumsy.

Bit too basic

Clear Cover

If you have $20 of promotional credit to burn and you don't need any more chargers, this is a decent backup case to buy. Otherwise, I recommend going third-party for a better price or upgrading to the Clear Protective Cover for better grip.

Get ultra protective with your Galaxy S21 Ultra

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the largest of the three S21 models in both profile and weight, and that means grip and impact protection are even more important. Both of these combine to make the one of the best first-party case choices for the S21 Ultra, allowing you to show off those custom colors while keeping it safe at the same time. If you're not getting a custom S21 Ultra, I recommend opting for the with those woven accents over the camera module.

Of course, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has S Pen compatibility and if you're planning to get the S Pen, you might as well buy it with a case to slot it into while you're out and about. After all, the last thing you want is to lose the S Pen somewhere and have to shell out an additional $40. So grab yourself the so that you can make sure your S Pen is snug as a bug and covered on all sides when you're rushing to and fro during your busy days.

Galaxy S21 Accessories

Tune out the world

Galaxy Buds Pro

Staff pick

Samsung's best earbuds yet sport improved audio quality, intelligent active noise cancelation that'll get quiet while you talk, and a smooth, ergonomic design. The eight-hour battery life will keep you jamming all day, plus an extra 20 hours of listening in the case.

Get productive

Galaxy S21 Ultra S Pen

If you've been missing the Note line, you can now use the S Pen on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. While it doesn't slot into the body of the Ultra like it would a Note, nor does it have the fun Bluetooth features, you get the pressure-sensitive features and precision.

Keep it close

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Samsung is pushing out a major expansion to its location service with the Galaxy SmartTag and the SmartTag+ coming later this year. Attach it to your keys, your purse, your pets, and track them all down with your Galaxy S21 easily.

For your S21 and accessories

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo (2021)

This updated version of the Wireless Duo is flatter, more squared-off, and is more widely compatible. Rather than the side accessory charging being specifically made for Galaxy Watches, it's a great shape for Galaxy Buds, too.


Samsung Wireless Charger (2021)

Whether you don't have a Galaxy Watch to charge or you just need a smaller charger that can fit on an overcrowded desk or on your nightstand, this compact square charger will charge your S21 at 10W. It can also charge your Galaxy Buds if your phone's full.

Always pays to keep a spare

Samsung 25W Travel Adapter

The S21 doesn't come with a charger in the box anymore. While I'm fine with this because my last Samsung phone came with one, if you need a new one, Samsung's finally and permanently lowered the price of this travel adapter.

Your new phone deserves the best

The are wide and varied, but the three I recommend picking up no matter which size S21 you want to buy are a good wireless charger, a good wired charger, and the best pair of noise-canceling earbuds you can afford. The and their intelligent noise canceling that will quiet down while you're giving your order is amazing and I look forward to tuning out the whole world whenever possible.

Samsung has two new wireless chargers alongside the S21, and I recommend grabbing the even if you don't have a wireless charging accessory right this second. The second pad can be used to charge a second phone (at 5W), or it'll be ready for a watch or earbuds you pick up in the future. While the is more affordable than ever, I'll remind you that you can find smaller and more travel-friendly chargers for the same price or less over in our guide.