Lowest price for iPhone 12 without altering our existing service plan?

My mom and I are ready to replace our AT&T iPhone 6s's with iPhone 12's (128gb), and are shopping around for the lowest price.

We have a sweetheart service plan from AT&T for our iPhones (only $85/month plus fees for 9GB of shared data).

The best offer I found through AT&T is $350 trade-in value and $60 discount for each iPhone 6s, BUT that would require us to upgrade our line to $120/month plus fees. By the end of Year 1, we'll have already paid more than just buying it outright elsewhere.

The lowest straight-up price I've found is $849 up front at Apple (similar price at Best Buy). I have to believe there's a cheaper alternative.

What I'd love to find is an interest-free 24- or 30-month payment plan for a phone that I can slot right onto our existing AT&T service plan. (At this point I've accepted that I won't get much for trading in my great-condition iPhone 6s)

TL;DR-- Is there anywhere to purchase an AT&T-compatible iPhone 12 interest-free for 24 or 30 months that does NOT require agreeing to a new data plan?

Any direction is helpful. Thanks!

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