The fate of LG’s rollable phone is apparently ‘undecided’

LG Rollable Phone CES 2021


  • A new report says that LG is undecided about launching its rollable phone.

  • The company is reportedly “open to every possibility.”

  • Industry insiders are also saying that it could completely abandon the project.

LG seems undecided on the fate of its highly-anticipated . According to the , the firm said on Friday that it’s still working on the device but hasn’t made any detailed plans for its launch.

LG recently flaunted the rollable phone at CES, hinting that it’s ready to announce it. However, soon after the trade show, rumors started floating about the company . Nothing is confirmed yet, but LG is reportedly considering all possibilities.

For the rollable phone too, LG apparently said that it’s “open to every possibility.”

Some local industry sources also told the Korean outlet that LG may choose to abandon the rollable project altogether so as not to repeat the failure of the . The swivel device was at a new form factor but its sales bombed, at least in its home country.

We haven’t heard anything directly from LG, so we’ll just have to wait and see what the company decides.

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